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Berkeley Nucleonics (San Rafael, CA) is now offering an enhanced CeBr3 scintillation crystal that features a significant reduction in intrinsic background than previously available.

(PRWeb October 13, 2017)

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Recent product rollouts by Berkeley Nucleonics include 2 picosecond jitter designs, 20 channel units and OEM Cards for embedded timing applications.

(PRWeb October 10, 2017)

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BNC Scientific unveils a new tool in their suite of HAZMAT / first-responder instrumentation the new Phoenix ACE RAD

(PRWeb June 12, 2017)

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The new detectors, made possible by recent advancements in crystal growing techniques and next-generation silicon photomultipliers (SiPM), provide enhanced analytical capability while preserving a compact size and low power constraint, long considered the holy grail in devices engineered for space exploration.

(PRWeb March 23, 2017)

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BNC Support Hub, The One-Stop Shop for Product Tutorials and Manuals.

(PRWeb March 06, 2017)

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Compact Digital Delay Generator offers OEMs Femtosecond Pulses and Triggers

(PRWeb February 16, 2017)

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BNC Scientific, a division of Berkeley Nucleonics, offers new IoT Connected Nuclear Radiation Detection Area Monitoring Systems

(PRWeb February 08, 2017)

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The Model SAM 950 boasts a touch screen, PDA operable, water and shock resistant ruggedized shell and a one click reach-back service supported by FEMA. It has a wide range of applications from Homeland Security to Hazmat and Environmental Waste Management.

(PRWeb December 13, 2016)

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Berkeley Nucleonics is now offering 2x2 inch Cerium bromide (CeBr) detectors with its SAM III products (Isotope Identifiers). This is a large improvement in efficiency over the standard 1.5x1.5 CeBr, 1.5x1.5 lanthanum bromide (LaBr) and 3x3 NaI detectors.

(PRWeb April 05, 2016)

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) now offers optical outputs to trigger, delay, gate and sync multiple devices for use in high EMI and RFI environments. Optical outputs allow distribution over longer distances while maintaining the precision timing and coherence between channels.

(PRWeb March 31, 2016)

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