Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) offer an alternative to the readout of scintillation crystals with Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs). SiPMs are especially ideal in applications where a compact package and low voltage operation are crucial. The energy resolution and noise level achievable with SiPM readout varies with the type of scintillator, crystal dimensions, and the surface area covered by the SiPMs.

SiPM elements can be combined into matrices for partial or full coverage of a crystal's surface area. In many applications (especially with non-proportional crystals), coverage of only part of the scintillator surface area is sufficient to achieve the desired performance.

Assemblies incorporating SiPMs are available with direct (bare) readout or with integrated electronics. A proprietary bias generator and preamplifier module can be integrated in a design to internally correct the gain drift that results from temperature variations. These modules operate at voltages between 5.2 - 16 V and consume less than 30 mW.


  • Low voltage operation (25-30V)
  • Impervious to magnetic fields
  • High gains (10*6)
  • Mechanically compact


Crystal size and type   Energy Resolution (662 keV)
NaI(Tl) 32 x 25 mm <8.0%
CsI(Tl) 25 x 25 mm <7.0%
CsI(Tl) 35 x 51 mm <7.5%
CsI(Tl) 48 x 35 mm <7.5%
CsI(Tl) 51 x 102 x 406 mm <7.3%


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