Cerium BromideCeBr3 High Resolution / Low Background Scintillators

Cerium Bromide scintillators feature very high light yields, fast response, and high density properties. The key advantage to the material, when compared to other high resolution scintillators, is its very low intrinsic background noise. The material is also fast without any slow components. CeBr3 scintillators are hygroscopic and are available from BNC encapsulated with an entrance window, integrally coupled to a light sensor such as a PMT or SiPM, or fully integrated in detector assemblies with light sensor and front-end electronics. Sizes ranging from pixels for arrays to volumes as large as 102 x127 mm are currently available.

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CeBr3 is characterized by its relatively high density, high Z, and its proportional response to gamma rays. The typical energy resolution provided by the material is 4% FWHM for 662 keV. Thanks to its fast light pulse rise time, CeBr3 detectors can provide sub-nanosecond time resolutions only slightly inferior to BaF2 detectors. In addition, the material exhibits fast decay times of 20 ns with negligible afterglow. With a background count as low as <0.001 c/cc/s in the Ac-227 complex, CeBr3 presents a distinct advantage over other high-resolution scintillators which suffer from this intrinsic activity. There are currently two versions of CeBr3 that are commercially available, standard background and low background (LB) CeBr3. The low background variety results in less activity in the Ac-227 peaks when compared to standard CeBr3. Standard: 0.025 c/s/cc and Low Background Background: 0.00125 c/s/cc in the Ac-227 complex. 

Security Resolution/Background
Plasma Physics Speed
PALS Time Resolution
Environmental  Resolution/Background
Space Missions Resolution
Energy Resolution 4% FWHM at 662 keV
Density 5.2 g/cc
Emission Max 380 nm
Decay Time 18-20 ns
Background (LB) 0.00125 c/s/cc Ac-227

Typical Energy Resolution vs. NaI(Tl)

Energy (keV) Nal(TI) CeBr3
30 18% 20%
60 11% 13%
81 10% 11%
122 8.50% 8%
356 8% 5%
662 7% 4%
1332 5% 3%
2600 4% 2%




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