GFT9404 8-Channel Digital Delay Generator

The GFT9404 module provides precision digital delay generation on the PXI platform. It offers four independent precision delay channels capable of 1 ps delay resolution and four auxiliary delay channels with a 5 ns delay resolution. Each delay output is configurable in terms of amplitude and width definition. The GFT9404 features driver support for Windows OS as well as an NI-VISA-based LabVIEW instrument driver.

  • 4 independent precision delay outputs, 4 independent coarse delay outputs
  • 1 ps precision delay output resolution, 5 ns coarse delay output resolution
  • Configurable delay amplitude and pulse-width definition
  • PXI STAR, onboard clock, external TRIG IN trigger support
  • NI-VISA-based LabVIEW driver, Windows driver support

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