Model 310H

Model 310H 800 V Electric Pulse Module800 V Electrical Pulse Module

The Model 310H is a 800V electrical plug in for the BNC Model 6040 Electro/Optic Pulse Generator Mainframe



Fast 800 V Pulses Into 50 Ohms

Model 310H adapts the Mainframe 6040 to amplitude requirements of up to 800V for 50 ohm loads. The operating capabilities of the 6040/310H provide outputs in the form of 1 ns resolution digital delays and gates and PRFs from .01 Hz to 100 kHz (or one shots), in both single and double pulse formats. Leading edge transitions are 10 ns or less and trailing edges as low as 10 ns. Polarity is switch selectable and pulse width can range from a minimum of 25 ns up to 20 us.

The 6040/310H combination retains the high timing accuracy, low jitter, nanosecond resolution, memory storage, and programmability available with other installed 6040 modules. Also, the 310H self-protects against damage from operation at excessive duty factors or into a short circuit, with a light signaling overload conditions. Refer to the eight-page Model 6040 product bulletin or at this site for additional detailed information on equipment operation, a timing diagram, and applications.

  • Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 40 KHz; external 0 to 40 KHz
  • Pulse Width 20 ns to 640 s
  • Delay 0 ns to 640 s (plus fixed delay)
  • Photo Multiplier
  • Photo Detector
  • Fiber Optics Testing


Amplitude 100 V to 800 V into 50 ohms. Fixed 0 V baseline. Polarity internally switch selectable.
Resolution 5 V (to max. amplitude).
Linearity +/- 1%.
Transition Times (10% to 90%) Leading edge: < 10 ns. Trailing edge: between 200 V and 750 V, 10 ns. Other amplitudes, 15 ns max.
Max. Power 16.2 W average, 16.2 kW peak (at 800 V).
Max. Current 18 A peak.
Droop 1%/~s max.
Aberrations +/- 10% of amplitude.
Connector Type N.


Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 40 kHz at 800 V. to 50 kHz at 800 V, to 100 kHz at 600V or less; external 0 Hz to same maximums as above.
Pulse Width 25 ns to 20 uS (see Droop). Calibrated at 500 V; at other amplitudes true witdhs vary slightly in fixed value up to 10 ns max.
Duty Factor 0.1% max. at 800 V. Duty factors increase up to 9% at 100 V.
Delay 0 ns to 640 s (plus fixed delay).
Minimum Interpulse Separation 500 ns (trailing to leading edges).
Module Delay 30 ns typical (fixed) mainframe's Pulse Out to module's Pulse Out. Jitter 50 ps rms.


  • Coaxial 50-Ohm Load ResistorPart Number 6860
  • Rated for 100 W continuous and 20 kW peak (800 V <20 us pulses). For terminating the 310H into high impedance loads or substitute for inadequate average or peak power-dissipating 50 ohm terminations. 7"L x 2 3/4" Sq (178 x 70 mm).

Common Module Specifications


ROM determines the instrument's allowable operating conditions and units of display applicable for the installed module.
A nonvolatile memory (RAM) in each module stores up to ten complete settings of operating conditions (trigger level, slope, etc.) and output pulse parameters.


The RAM-stored settings can be manually or bus transferred to the mainframe to produce the pre determined outputs.


2 Ibs net (0.9 kg); 5 Ibs shipping (2.3 kg).


Same as Model 6040 mainframe.


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