Berkeley Nucleonics is always looking for talented professionals in the test, measurement or nuclear research fields. We cater to the needs of the technical community by offering specialized instrumentation with world-class performance. Our commitment to our customers has been recognized for decades because we carefully consider each customer application. Our sales and marketing efforts are based in technology, with relevant white papers and considerable efforts going into customer support and training. Our products are used in over 50 countries and we have partnered with qualified manufacturer’s representatives worldwide to support the end user. Our engineering needs cover nuclear science and analog electronics circuitry. Administrative help is also needed from time to time, with strong emphasis on leveraging technology. The company is energetic and innovative, with ideas coming from employees in all departments. We are motivated by sales results, successful customer deployments, organizational efficiency and a team mindset. Our employees carry numerous degrees from respected technical universities like MIT, Stanford and Berkeley. Current job openings are posted below, but your resumes are always welcome. We wish you success in the Nuclear, T&M or RF/Microwave industry.

David Brown, President

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