Model 940

SAM 940 (RIID)Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier

Our groundbreaking new Radiation Isotope Identifier (called a RIID by Dept of Homeland Security) offers a suite of features to address a growing range of applications. From the technical needs of a health physicist to a food and drug inspector, to a first responder in a HAZMAT suit, the SAM 940 Defender and Revealer will excite your field users.

The Berkeley Nucleonics SAM 940 Defender was developed to give users what they need: simple operation options, the ability to react quickly, and automatically obtain reliable, accurate technical data. Several modes of operation give users a range of technical reports on isotope identification and dose rate characterization. The most simple is a basic Isotope ID; the most complex includes nuclide specific dose calculations, GPS and historical data and an analysis of statistical confidence levels.

Upon power-up, the SAM 940 performs a quick self-test and immediately begins monitoring; even after a lengthy power-down, temperature stabilization and automatic calibration guarantees accurate isotope identification results.



  • SAM 940 Videos
  • Industry Leading Spectral Resolution
  • No Warm Up or Waiting Period
  • One Hand/One Glove Operation
  • Network Ready with ANSI N42.42 Data Transmission
  • Search and Confirm with One Instrument
  • COTS Batteries for Rapid Deployment
  • Highest Sensitivity and Response in Real Time
  • Operates Accurately in High Background
  • Auto Calibration and Stabilization with NORM
  • Cambio or Peak Easy Compatible
  • Ships with ANSI-Viewer Software
  • DOE Reachback Ready, JAC Ready
  • Emergency Response
  • Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security
  • Undercover Surveillance
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Radiation Safety
  • Passenger and Freight Monitoring
  • Non-proliferation Enforcement
  • Health Physics
  • Food, Water & Public Health Monitoring
  • Environmental Waste Monitoring
  • Unattended/Remote Monitoring
Take our New Online Training Course

Take our new online training course for the SAM 940 Isotope Identifier. The accredited program provides instruction on the basic and advanced use of the SAM 940 Isotope Identifier, an ANSI compliant nuclear detection, and analysis tool. The SAM web-based training guides users through a variety of virtual functions and can be paused and continued at a later time. The test at the end of the course is comprehensive and generates a completion certificate. Contact us for more information here

BNC's innovative approach to Radionuclide Isotope Identifiers (RIID)

We are no strangers to innovation, and our history indicates this. We have provided the isotope identification market with order-of-magnitude speed improvements in identification of unknown and mixed isotopes. The BNC Model SAM 905, our first isotope identifier, is an area monitor capable of isotope identification in real time. The Model SAM 935 was the first isotope identifier that provided users the ability to search large areas without stopping to collect statistics at various geometries. The Model SAM 935 eliminated costly activities for many users, such as sending samples to a lab and waiting days or weeks for analysis. The Model SAM 940 is the first isotope identifier designed after the publication of ANSI 42.34 (American National Standard Performance Criteria for Hand-held Instruments for the Detection and Identification of Radionuclides). In conformance with ANSI 42.34, we have engineered a product that excels in performance and packaging. Along with an ergonomic enclosure, the Model SAM 940 offers exceptional ruggedization, internal reliability, a flexible user interface, extended battery life on COTS or rechargeable batteries, networkability and automatic calibration. Data is delivered in a variety of formats, including the ANSI 42.42 spectral report format requirement, Cambio, Peak Easy or other industry standards.

Software Packages

For the most sophisticated users, the latest version of our quantitative analysis package, Quantum NaI/D, will allow users of the SAM 940 to perform a range of post-process analyses with unprecedented functionality. Logging complex data can be performed in real time, on a local PC, and over a network. Advanced features like peak deconvolution, geometry modeling, and multi-source comparisons are quickly addressed by the Quantum NaI/D operator.

For the first responder, the SAM 940 Viewer is the ideal software utility. ANSI compliant spectral reports are easily generated and downloadable for Dept. of Defense (USDOD), Dept. of Energy (USDOE) or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reachback support. The 940 Viewer software utility presents the spectral header along with the statistically valid identification report in an easy to read, graphical format. (Contact the factory for an evaluation copy and sample data sets of most isotopes.)

Data Storage and Memory

The SAM 940 includes a large removable memory source, Compact Flash card (CF), to enable a range of operator and management tasks. For storage and transfer of data, CF Cards may be used to load updated ANSI Compliant data files onto PCs or other peripherals. Firmware upgrades to the operating system may also be emailed from the factory and loaded locally onto your CF Card. Custom Libraries and User Profiles can all be easily addressed with the onboard CF Card Memory Slot.

GPS Options

For applications which require GPS spatial information along with a time and date stamp to accompany isotope identification readings, a convenient GPS package is available for the SAM 940. This GPS package includes a commercially available, WAAS-enabled GPS device from the Garmin Geko series or similar. For more advanced GPS tasks, our latest OS upgrade, EAGLE-R, allows end users resolution down to 1 foot and data logging of GPS and radiographic data.

Independent Evaluation Reports

Berkeley Nucleonics is pleased to provide reports on the Model SAM 940 Defender and Revealer as required. Reports are typically conducted by independent test agencies on behalf of larger Federal customers. In a recent study on RIIDs in field test scenarios, the BNC SAM system ranked first in identification of isotopes in several catagories. The test included HPGe, LaBr, NaI, and CsI materials.

In a second recent study, the Model SAM 940 Defender isotope identification system was rated against the Canberra Inspector and the Thermo/Target/ICx Identifinder. Each instrument was evaluated and rated with regard to published specifications, actual radioisotope identification capabilities and actual first responder use/feedback. The evaluation was performed with a user group that included technical spectroscopists and field users on all 3 instruments at the same time. The Model SAM 940 was fastest at finding and identifying radioisotopes. Responders preferred the Model SAM 940 due to the speed, ease of use, and the color screen capabilities.

Operating System Upgrade

The SAM Defender and SAM Revealer are one-hand portable radiation detectors and isotope identifiers loaded with features. The product is well suited for radiological detection requirements ranging from interdiction and first responders, to analytical field sampling and environmental clean-up, to radiological sampling in food. The field-programmable system gives expert users a host of control options ranging from library modifications and alarm thresholds to automated reachback options for US Dept of Energy or US Dept of Homeland Security support.

EAGLE, the first of two operating system upgrades, addresses a growing need for the first responder's ease of use. Useful Graphical User Interface changes, such as customized audible alarms and a Move Closer/Move Back indicator, assist the first time user during the initial survey or first responder data collection. Automated transfer of N42.42 compliant data gives the management team visibility to the radiological signatures in real time from a remote location. Library modifications are also included, enabling a broader range of medical and industrial isotope identification.

EAGLE-L, the second operating system upgrade, adds features that integrate with multiple 3rd party devices. High-performance GPS (1 foot special resolution), law enforcement radio communication interoperability, unmanned data logging and user-defined ROI logging are some of the handy features in the EAGLE-L upgrade.

With our ongoing library editing and GUI changes, we are expanding the applications well suited for the SAM systems, comments Jim McQuaid, Chief Nuclear Engineer. Our training classes are expanding to address participants from a growing list of fields. New students are participating from diverse fields such as nuclear medicine, food safety and inspection, law enforcement, and waste cleanup.

The SAM Isotope Identifiers are available from stock and are priced between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on detector and software options. The SAM family of instruments is compliant with ANSI N42 standards for RIIDs and qualifies for CST, UASI, or MMRS funding requests. New detector options address difficult SNM characterization, neutron detection, and fast identification of moving materials or pedestrians. Give us a call at 800-234-7858 to discuss your program requirements. Berkeley Nucleonics offers consulting services with Certified Health Physicists and personnel with multiple clearances as required.

End User GUI Updates in the SAM 940

Model 940

New GUI updates in EAGLE, the latest operating system in the SAM 940, give end users the ability to set mission-specific thresholds for a variety of alarm conditions. Customers can now address a broader range of applications, from subway stations with high natural backgrounds to missions at sea with very low natural backgrounds. Our experienced staff of spectroscopists and health physicists can assist you in setting up the versatile Isotope Identifiers to perform exactly to your protocols. Some examples follow:

Move Closer

Model 940

An optional prompt that is enabled by the user. It is triggered by a statistical count rate that needs to be increased to achieve an acceptable confidence level in isotopic confirmation.

Move Back

Model 940

An optional prompt that is enabled by the user. It is triggered by a statistical count rate that is too high and could lead to possible degradation of isotopic confirmation.

Dual Tachometer

Model 940

A handy feature on the SAM 940 that gives a graphical indication of Gamma and Neutron Count Rate. For the seasoned inspector, the correlation offers a quick indication of SNM. Neutron Counts (BLUE) are also available in real-time, and on all spectroscopic reports.

GPS Logging Interval

Model 940

A new feature in EAGLE which allows end users to obtain mission logs with spectroscopic and count rate data on an isotope-by-isotope basis. The data is archived in simple text so file sizes are manageable. Logging intervals as low as 1 second are possible, enabling effective archiving of GPS and count rate data in.

Cambio & Peak Easy Support

Model 940

Choose from BNC's SAM 940 Viewer or use industry standard US DOE, and US DHS supported options at no additional cost.

Detector Nal Lil, or optional CeBr
Integrated Electronics Digital signal-processing MCA
Energy Range 18 keV - 3 meV
Controller I/O 10/100 Ethernet port and CompactFlash reader with USB adaptor
Power 8 standard AA batteries
Weight 4.5 lbs with 2"x2" Nal detector and batteries
Dimensions 12"Lx4"Hx5"W (excluding detector)
Water/Dust Resistance IP56
Temperature Range -20 to 50°C
Controls 7-key custom keypad with one-thumb operation
Alarm Visual (On screen) and Audio (internal speaker or optional headphones)
Detachable Detectors 2"x2" or 3"x3" Nal Detector options, with or without Neutron detector Integral HV bias supply and optional CeBr detector
Patented Technology Quadratic Compression Conversion (QCC) allows for identification of mixed isotopes in one second
Hysteresis Provides 97% ID confidence level in 2 seconds
Optional Modules Serial GPS receiver for specrtal report mapping, wireless communication
ADC: Type: Base Converter 14-bit pipelined-flash Conv. Modes: Linear 256, 512, 1024 QCC 256, 512 (U.S. Patent 5,608,222)
Calibration Automatic Stabilization with temperature
Customization Modifications of isotopes and their associated energy lines, either in the field or using Microsoft Excel Essentially no limit to number of isotopes or lines Sound and language preference can be changes
Library Standard N42.34 ANSI isotopes, ITRAP, IAEA list, medical, industrial, SNM, or user-defined lists
Functions Nuclide identification, spectrum analysis, dose rate calculation (rem/Sv), total dose, audible search tool, data logging
Model 940-C SAM 940 w/o detector/CF Card/Acces.
Model 940-2-G SAM 940 w/ ext. 2.0"x2.0" det., Eagle OS, Quantum NaI, ANSIview
Model 940-2-GN SAM 940 w/ Neutron, ext. 2.0"x2.0", Eagle OS
Model 940-2-GH SAM 940 w/ 3He Neutron, ext. 2.0"x2.0", Eagle OS
Model 940-3-G SAM 940 w/ ext. 3.0"x3.0" det., Eagle OS
Model 940-3-GN SAM 940 w/ Neutron, ext. 3.0"x3.0", Eagle OS
Model 940-3-GH SAM 940 w/ 3He Neutron, ext. 3.0"x3.0", Eagle OS
Model 940-2GN-1 SAM 940 with Custom GUI, Gamma/Neutron Detector, Eagle OS
Model 940-2C SAM 940 w/ CeBr Detector, 1.5"x1.5", Eaglo OS
Model 970 Custom 2"x2" NaI Stationary SAM Monitor, Portal or Wall Mount, with Reachback, 1 Second Relay, Identification, GUI - Call for quote and design specs
P/N8000-SA3-940-XX 3yr Service Agreement for Model 940-XX. Includes upgrade to Eagle OS / Eagle-L Data Logging Support, Isotope Library Modifications, Hardware / Component / Accessory Replacement, 3-Day Repair or Replace Servicing, Class-Pass for regional seminar (see web for schedule), 6ea Web-Based Training Registrations, 1 Trainer-on-a-Flash USB Course, Quantitative software for spectroscopic analysis, upgrades to software programs (ANSI Viewer, Quantum, other), online web-chat or phone support as required, Event Support, Loaner Program (same-day stock shipping), Field Upgradeable Firmware/Modes of Operation, Prepaid Shipping (Domestic Locations), DOE/DNDO Reachback Support.
P/N8000-SI-9401D-ON 3Custom Class Voucher for Onsite Training Package. Includes 1 instructor (experience in Health Physics and Environmental) for 1 day, 8 hours of lessons and exercises, accredited training program (CEU units), equipment rental and return, travel and expenses, training materials ( 60 page binder, training exercises, job aids, Powerpoint, train-the-trainer ), 6-10 students per voucher. - Domestic Locations Only --
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