Model 1120

Model 11201pS Time Interval Counter

The Model 1120 is very precise time interval analyzer with world leading low jitter. It has two inputs, a Start and a Stop input, which are used to measure the time interval.

Data output represents the time interval between one start and one stop. Trigger level and slope are adjustable on each input. The module uses a linear interpolation technique and an internal calibration to obtain very high accuracy.

The module uses an internal 10MHz very stable oscillator or an external clock. A software interface is included with the Time Interval meter analyzer and allows the programming of sample number, triggering conditions and the storage and outputs of time interval measurement.


  • Two Channels (Start, Stop)
  • 1ps one-shot time resolution
  • < 10ps rms time interval jitter
  • ± 1 second time interval range
  • 19" 1U rackmount packaging
  • Front Panel or Remote Ethernet Programming
  • Component Testing
  • Jitter Analyzer for Telecom
  • Metrology Measurements
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Event Capture, DAQ
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