SAM 945 (RIID)Radiation Isotope Identifier with Reachback

The new, all-in-one, RIID from Berkeley Nucleonics offers customers a rugged alternative to detachable detectors with a full suite of new features leveraging modern cell phone technology. The renaissance in handheld electronics (Smartphone, PDA, etc.) has led to tremendous advancements in processing power and allows statistical calculations to be processed at a remarkable speed. In parallel, the processors managing the spectral collection and isotope identification can easily handle a myriad of exciting additional user requirements. The long list of much-awaited features ensures new users and experienced health physicists alike will enjoy an unmatched user experience when performing mission-critical tasks. PeakAbout, a free app that manages the data and reporting of the SAM 945, boasts a comprehensive library of 115 isotopes with expansion possibility to 393 isotopes.


Unique features
  • Auto Calibration (-20°C to 50°C )
  • Real-Time Background Correction — New Feature
  • Built-in Energy Stabilization
  • Append Alarms with Notes, Images, Videos, Voice Memo
  • ALARA-Remotely Monitor & Control the 945 — New Feature
  • PeekAbout, The Free SmartPhone App Included
  • Industry Largest Internal Detector
  • Improve User Safety with Detachable Interface
  • Full Analysis via Wireless Communication
  • Network using N42.42 Data Transmission
  • IP65 Drop/Water Spray Enclosure
  • Charge Your Battery from DC (Vehicle, etc)
  • >8 Hours with Bluetooth Earpiece
  • Cambio, Peak Easy or SAM-Viewer Compatible
  • PeekAbout, The Free SmartPhone App Included
Identifier applications
  • Emergency Response (Fire, etc.)
  • Homeland Security (Ports, Customs)
  • Clandestine Surveillance (Public Venues)
  • HAZMAT (Spills, Site Perimeters)
  • Industrial (Uranium Mining, Shale)
  • Medical (Radiopharmacy, Laundry, Waste)
  • Radiation Safety (Nuclear Power, HEU)
  • Passenger and Freight Monitoring
  • Non-proliferation Enforcement (Inspections)
  • Health Physics (HLW/LLW Monitoring, Recycling)
  • Food, Water & Public Health
  • Unattended/Remote Monitoring
Worker safety with the SAM 945

In Radiation Safety the government uses the acronym ALARA meaning, “as low as reasonably achievable.”

The SAM 945 is designed to meet ALARA standards by use of its smartphone technology. It is always important to be close enough to the source of radiation to achieve good statistical data for measurements. However, you can now have the best of both worlds. With the SAM 945, the operator can be 20 feet away from the SAM and the radioactive source. This goal is easily met when using the SAM because the smartphone device is easily removed from the instrument giving the user complete control at a very safe distance. Since the smart device is connected via Bluetooth to the SAM, measurements and spectrum manipulation can be performed well within the ALARA standard.

Measured source intensity or exposure to radiation can be analytically described as the “Inverse Square Law.” This means that moving away from the source will lower your exposure rate by one over the distance squared. Therefore, if a radioactive source measures a certain high level at one foot then at 10 feet away the exposure rate will be down a factor of one over ten squared (a factor of 100 lower) assuring a safer distance during measurements.

Auto calibration (-20° to 50° C)

The auto-calibration features of the SAM 945 run continuously with no user interruptions. The system performs a health check at regular intervals or during shifts in temperature and then automatically addresses possible detector drift with recalibration routines. The user benefits from simplicity and accuracy, but can manually run calibrations as well.

Real-time background correction

The auto-calibration features of the SAM 945 run continuously with no user interruptions. The system performs a health check on regular intervals or during shifts in temperature and then automatically addresses possible detector drift with recalibration routines. The user benefits from simplicity and accuracy, but can manually run calibrations as well.

Real Time Background

Background Stabilization and Auto-Calibration without User Engagement

Energy stabilization

Sharp changes in climate, like moving from a vehicle into the outdoors, can cause some instruments to shift. We have added functionality to offset these energy shifts so users can move freely from cold to hot or vice versa.

ALARA-compliant with smartphone

Why take any chances when sources are unknown? For packages, cargo, drum scanning, or other materials control, the detachable Smartphone allows users to make measurements at a greater distance, decreasing the exposure to radiation exponentially. Fixed applications, such as a guard tower or weigh station, can utilize our tripod mount system and fix their detector permanently while monitoring from 20-30 feet away.

Free app included

PeakAbout is exciting. In addition to quality spectroscopy, data storage, peak examinations, and reporting, the new app is evolving all the time with features you have asked for. See our video tagging functionality and look for more tutorial videos soon.

Free App

PeekAbout is loaded with features

Industry largest volume internal detector

Statistics are vital when performing measurements, and the larger the detector volume, the faster you can achieve those statistics. If you are moving, you can move faster. If you are searching, you will identify from further away. If you are inspecting, shielding will have a smaller impact. The size of your detector is an important decision and each application may have different considerations. We have provided a wide range of detectors for many years, but we have selected the best fit for a RIID in the SAM 945.

IndustryIndustry leading sensitvity

Append alarms with notes, images, videos, voice memos

After you have collected data and generated a spectroscopic report, situational data may be desirable. PeakAbout, the Smartphone App, allows you to quickly add images and video. For reachback support, having photos or video may enable faster disposition of false alarms. The user can also add notes manually which become part of the report. This could be as simple as their badge or post number, or more complex details about the alarming object or person.

IP65 drop / water spray enclosure

The SAM 945 was designed from the onset as a field unit. We selected ruggedized detector manufacturing techniques, PMTs with shock absorption, electronics designed to withstand heat, humidity, and climate. We added rubberized bumpers and multi-point bracket absorbers. The unit can fall on any side from 4 feet with only cosmetic damage. Whether your unit rolls around in your trunk or falls from the tailgate, we know your work must move ahead.

IP 65 DropHardened packaging

Charge your battery from DC (vehicle, etc)

For true portability, the SAM 945 allows users to charge the battery from a DC supply. You may wish to have multiple units and re-charge them at your vehicle station for around the clock monitoring. Also, applications on water will benefit as you do not need to worry about extended marine-based monitoring activities.

Cambio, peak easy or SAM-viewer compatible

The SAM 945 is compatible with all the industry-standard analysis packages. We offer a PC based analysis package that compliments PeakAbout. For US DOE or other requirements, the above-mentioned packages are easily obtainable. Contact the factory for details at 800-234-7858.

Wavelet spectroscopy

The SAM 945 delivers a host of features previously not available in an Isotope Identifier. However, without reliable spectroscopy, the SAM III would not meet the underlying goals of a RIID…to quickly and accurately identify unknown sources of nuclear radiation! While our mechanical engineers worked on a state-of-the-art package, our team of spectroscopists leveraged many years of data and field experience to deliver the SAM III Wavelet Algorithms. Our fast and accurate ID capability address shielding, masking and daughter products also. Ask the factory for test results or evaluate your own unit today!

Wavelet Spect

World Class Spectroscopy


Demo Japan

Optimized electronics and detector matching techniques allow separation of Cs134 and Cs137 using a conventional NaI detector system in the SAM 945. Ideal for contamination monitoring of food products.



Tripod Adapter - Convenient tool for mounting the SAM 945 to a tripod of fixed location during short screening activities. Examples include monitoring bags on a conveyor, packages on a sorting mechanism or pedestrians passing a check point.




Nal General purpose isotope identification
CeBr SNM enhanced, high resolution spectroscopy
3He Neutron detection, optional
GM-tube High does rates, standard
Digital signal processing 250,000 to 400,000 CPS (Cs 137)
Data output
Format XML, ANSI N42.42 compliant
Reports ID, confidence level, dose rate, etc. with over 10,000 reviewable events
Identifications Isotope, category, confidence
Range 20 keV - 3.0 MeV
Battery Details
Identifier >8 hours, lithium ion
Smartphone >8 hours normal use, broadband dependent
Communication Bluetooth, USB
Dust/moisture IP65
Droppable 1M drop test
Dimensions 10" x 5" x 6"
Weight 6 lbs (with standard detector)
Operating temp -20°C to 50°C
Calibration Auto-calibration and auto-stabilization
Library ANSI with color coded classifiations, expandable USER library (optional) ANSI 43.34 compatible
Function Background, dose and dose rate, isotope ID, search
Memory <10,000 events with user notes
Smartphone functions Operational modes (user/administrator), GPS, data communication camera, voice recorder
SAM 945 Systems Product description
Model 945-G SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Gamma Detector
Model 945-GN SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Gamma and Neutron Detector
Model 945-LG SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Lanthanum
Model 945-LGN SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Lanthanum, Neutron Detector
Model 945-CG SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Cerium
Model 945-CGN SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Cerium, Neutron Detector
Model 945-C2G SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Large Volume Cerium
Model 945-C2GN SAM III Radiation Isotope Identifier, Large Volume Cerium, Neutron
P/N7100 Spare AC Adaptor/Charger, SAM 945 / RD-120
P/N7101 Vehicle Adaptor/Charger, SAM 945 / RD-120
P/N7102 Tripod Adaptor, SAM 945 (includes 5mm wrench & M6 Wrench Bolt). Standard: 1/4-20, Optional: 3/8-16
P/N7103 Spare Shoulder Strap. SAM 945
P/N7104 Tripod with ¼-20 shoe, SAM 945
P/N7105 Smartphone / PDA – LG E960 Nexus4 or similar unlocked, Smartphone Charger, USB to microUSB cable or similar
P/N7106 Earbuds (generic)
P/N7107 Spare Smartphone Charger (brand specific)
P/N7108 USB to microUSB cable
P/N7109 Spare Backpack, RD-120
P/N7110 Additional Instruction Manual (print), SAM 945
P/N7111 Additional Instruction Manual (print), RD-120
P/N7112 Thumbdrive, SAM 945 / RD120 (SAM III PeakAbout Smartphone app, User Manual, SAM 945, User Manual, RD-120 )
P/N7113 Accessory Kit for SAM 945 (Spare AC Adaptor/Charger, SAM 945, Spare 12 Vdc Vehicle Adaptor/Charger, SAM 945, Spare Tripod Adaptor, SAM 945, Spare Shoulder Strap. SAM 945
P/N7114 Padded Travel Bag, SAM 945
P/N7115 Hard Case, SAM 945
P/N7117 Hard Case, RD-120


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Model 945 - Built in Flashlight
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Model 945 - PeakAbout Smartphone App
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Model 945 Modifying Ringtones on the Nexus
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Model 945 Examine a Spectrum Without a PC
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Model 945 Sneak Peak
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Model RD-120 - Backpack Identifier

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