FTD10000 7 GHz Transient Digitizer

Greenfield Technology's FTD10000 Ultrafast 7 GHz Fast Transient Digitizer is the industry's fastest digitizer specifically designed to record very fast single shot pulses down to 50ps with 13-bit amplitude resolution. The FTD10000 is the ideal instrument for recording impulse phenomena in laser research, high-energy physics, EMC/EMP simulators and high-voltage breakdowns, as well as testing high-speed circuits.

Additional features include an input for timing fiducials and a large front panel display for easy and precise viewing. As such, the FTD10000 is an excellent solution for both laboratory and automatic test applications.


  • Features slow roll off & 7 GHz bandwidth
  • Impulse Response: 50 picoseconds
  • High Max Input: 2000 volts without overload
  • Trigger is ultra-stable

Signal Input

Sensitivity 5 V


Source external
Input impedance 50 ohm
Signal polarity positive or negative
Signal duration > 0.5 ns
Level 0.5 to 5 V
Max. Input 500 v (1 µs)
Jitter 5 ps rms
Internal delay 40 to 540 ns


Analysis duration 1 to 2000 ns
Horizontal resolution 10 bits
Vertical resolution 13 bits
Non-volatile memory 1 record & settings

Acquistion modes

  - Single shot
   - Electrical zero
  - Repetitive  
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