RF Signal Generator


Is your testing laboratory in need of quality RF signal generators with pinpoint accuracy, absolute reliability, and doesn't break your budget? Contact the Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) today and inquire about our model 845 series RF signal generators. As a premier international electronic test equipment manufacturer and partner since 1963, our strong commitment to client support and quality, reliable, and cost-effective products have made us a recognized industry leader. The model 845 series all offer an array of valuable features, such as 10 ┬Ás frequency and power switching, excellent SSB phase noise, and compact, portable enclosures to maximize usability without an impeding cost. This model series ranges in frequency generation from 100 kHz up to 25.6 GHz, with intermediary frequency models available, making it easy to select the perfect model for your exact needs. With, available internal rechargeable battery, and most compact and durable enclosure in its class, the BNC model 845 is perfect for field testing, and laboratory or production bench or rack work . The multitude of options for our RF signal generators include high output power, ultra-low phase noise, fast switching and 1U rackmount configuration allow you to select a customizable product that gives you all the testing functionality you need in one robust, diverse instrument.

BNC Model 845

At BNC, our dependable products and commitment to quality have garnered us the trust and partnership from laboratories all over the world. We are proud of the quality and reliability of our products, and pleased to offer them to you, so you can use our best to achieve your best. Contact us today online, or call us at (800) 234-7858 or (415) 453-9955 for immediate technical discussion, and discover why BNC is a leader in manufacturing precision electronic instrumentation.