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Orion Multi-Channel Analyzer

The Orion MCA is the latest and most advanced Multi-Channel Analyzer of its kind. A spectrometer with 64K channels and 100% digital signal processing. Additionally, the Orion features a 100 MHz 16 bit sampling ADC, an internal Linux computer, and internal high voltage bias supply. It includes impressive pulse processing features such as pulse height analysis, list and peak shape data acquisition, detector digital signal processing, and filtering with a variety of shaping times.

The Orion MCA offers both USB and Ethernet communication and a time stamp for each event down to 12.5 nanosecond resolution. The Orion's front panel display includes a 3.5” TFT touch screen with several languages, offering autoranging of peak counts and a calibrated horizontal axis displaying energy. LEDs confirm serial or Ethernet communication with a PC. Other LEDs confirm HV and warn of a system or detector problem. There is no other instrument on the market that can match these features.

Orion is controlled by InterWinner, the most user-friendly yet advanced spectroscopy package on the industry.

The Orion is available in benchtop or in a NIM-style package without the integral HV supply or touch screen display.


Touch Screen Interface Features Include:
  • Setting and enabling of the high voltage Oscilloscope with trigger
  • Gain and input polarity setting
  • Automatic setup, including automatic energy calibration
  • Spectrum display, including zoom and ROI marking Peak search Analysis, including activity calculation
  • Automatic spectrum storage Recall stored spectra Global gamma analysis including calibration of efficiency and background
  • Visualize the system health status Export spectra to USB stick

Signal Input

I/O Ports

Coarse gain range is 1x to 362x Two digital input on BNC connectors for TRP inhibit and gate.
Input polarity can be positive or negative 8 digital inputs for sample changer control, counting applications, external trigger signals, synchronization and other applications.
Conversion gain can be selected as 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768 or 65536 channels 5 digital outputs (TTL) which can also be configured as SCA outputs or synchronization.
Compatible with RC and TRP type detectors from different manufacturers

High-voltage power supply

Control Processor

Two SHV connectors for positive and negative high voltages
Internal Linux computer with 64MB RAM and 256 MB (optional + 1GB) flash memory Programmable high voltage output
TFT touch screen Setting resolution 12 bit

Internal Spectrum Storage

Voltage range ±500 - ±5000V (Germanium version) or ±500 - ± 2000V (Nal version)
Live memory for several spectra and a flash memory for several thousand spectra internally HV inhibit signal polarity is computer selected
Spectra can be transferred to a PC over Ethernet or by exporting via USB stick  

Communication Ports

10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet: female RJ45 connector  
USB: USB B type connector. Full speed connection.  
RS-232: An RS:232 port is available for special applications
Manuals and support documents 

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