Model TB-4

Model TB-4Module Power Supply

Model TB-4 is a bin and power supply combination for plug-in modules. It can house twelve single-width modular instruments or a mixture of other sizes equivalent to twelve singles. Units that can be installed include BNC's modular digital delay generators, trigger pulse amplifiers, pulse generators, programming interfaces, and the instruments of other companies that are designed to NIM standards.

The TB-4 is a two-piece assembly consisting of a sturdy bin for containing the modules and a removable heavy duty power supply that is mounted on the back of the bin. DC voltages available to power installed modules are: ±6 V, ±12 V, ±24 V. AC 117 V power for modules that may require it is also provided. The supply conforms to the specifications of AEC report TID-20893 (Rev. 3).

The bin is constructed with nickel plated high strength top and bottom welded wire frame assemblies that ensure easy installation, accurate fit, and free ventilation of the modules. The TB-4 fits a standard nineteen-inch relay rack or it can be used as the container of a compact system at the bench. A narrow panel on the front has the master power switch, test jacks for the six DC voltages, and an overheat warning lamp.

BNC-blue painted blank panels are available to cover unused module cavities. The part numbers are: Single-width P/N 6823, Double-width P/N 6824, Triple-width P/N 6826. Empty modules in various standard sizes are also available for those who wish to build and install their own special or auxiliary instrumentation in convenient plug-in form. Consult the factory for source information on module kits.


  • Supplies Six DC Voltages
  • Houses Up to Twelve Modules
  • Front Panel Test Points
  • Excessive Temperature Warning
  • Field Proven Reliability
  • Power Any BNC Plug-in Modules
  • Make Up Compact Bench Systems
  • Accepts All NIM Models
  • Install Self-Built Instruments
  • Relay Rack Installations


DC Output Voltages ±6 V, 8 A each; ±12 V, 2 A each; ±24 V, 1 A each. Total combined DC output not to exceed 132 VA. DC Voltages have a ±2% adjustment range.
Regulation Less than ±0.1% for ±12 V and ±24 V, ±0.2% for ± 6 V over line voltage variation of ±10% or ±100% changes in rated load.
Ripple and Noise Less than 3 mV peak-to-peak as observed on a 50 MHz bandwitdh scope.
Recovery Time and Stability Recovery: Less than 100 µs return with regulation limits for 10% to 100 % step-change in rated load.

Stability: After 1 hr. warmup ±0.5% for 6 months at constant load, line and ambient.

Circuit Protection Fully protected against short circuits or overloads by foldback circuitry.
Thermal Protection Thermal warning light activates if supply temperature exceeds 60°C. Power is interrupted if interior temperature exceeds safe limits.
Module Connectors AMP 202516-3 (or equiv.) connectors wired to DC output busses, high quality ground, power return ground and 115 VAC.
Dimensions 19" W x 8.70" H x 18" D (219x295x374 mm).
Weight 33 lbs. net (15 kg); 42 lbs. shipping (19 kg).
Ambient 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F).
Power 115/230 V, ±10%, 50/60 Hz.

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