Model DB-2

Model DB-2random pulse generator

The Model DB-2 is a pulse generator which accurately simulates the random and pile-up characteristics of pulses from a radiation detector. It provides pulses which are mono-energetic over a broad range of average count rates. Under high count rate conditions, the pulses will pile up as shown in the diagram below. This characteristics is useful in determining pile-up or count-rate effects and in measuring the resolution of high count rate spectroscopy systems. Besides random pulse, the Model DB-2 also provides mono energetic repetitive pulses. In this mode, the DB-2 is an excellent general purpose pulser. When the EXT REF input is used with an external ramp, the DB-2 provides sliding pulses to quickly check system or component linearity.


  • Random tail pulses for MCA, PHA, pile-up and dead-time testing
  • Rates from 10 Hz to 1 MHz
Count Rate: 10 HZ to 1 MHz, continuously adjustable
Mode: Random or Repetitive
Random Distribution: Poisson for intervals greater than 1.4 0 µs
Pulse Shape: Tail pulse with independently adjustable rise and fall times
Pulse Amplitude (STEP) Characterization:
  • a) Amplitude Shift with Count Rate: Less than +/- 0.05% from 10 Hz to 100 KHz
  • b) Jitter (resolution): 0.01% RMS
  • c) Temperature Coefficient: +/- 0.02%/˚C
Frequency Jitter (Repetitive Mode):  Less than 0.1%
External Trigger: Requires 1 V positive pulse. Input impedance 1 K
Trigger Out: Positive 3 V pulse, 20 ns rise time, 100 ns width, 50 Ω output impedance
Rise Time of Outputs (10-90%): 0.1-20 µs in 8 steps.
Decay Time Constant (100-37%): 5-1000 µs, in 8 steps. Rise and Decay time independent of each other for Decay Time/ Rise Time > 10.
Output Amplitude Ranges: Repetitive only; +/- 1 V max from 50 Ω source. adjustable by ten-turn potentiometer from zero to maximum.
Normalize: Ten-turn control varies amplitude by 60%
Output Impedance: Positive/Negative
Attenuation: 4 step attenuators of X2, X5, X10 and X10 for a maximum of X1000
External Reference Input: +10 v Max; 10K input impedance
Power Requirements:  +/- 24 V at 65 mA, +12V at 140 mA, -12 V at 40 mA
Mechanical: Double-width NIM module; 2.70" wide by 8.70" high in accordance with TID-20893 (Rev. 3) 
Weight: 3.5 lbs. net; 7 lbs. shipping 

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