LabVIEW Certified

The 7340 is an integrated solution that offers an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating signal sources ranging from VHF to microwave frequencies such as crystal oscillators, PLL synthesizers, clocks, phase-locked or free-running VCO's, DROs ,SAW, or Yig oscillators, and others. The flexible instrument comprises a two channel cross correlation system with two internal tunable references sources and also allows measurements with externally fed references.



  • Absolute and residual phase noise measurements
  • Amplitude noise measurements
  • PLUSED absolute and residual phase noise measurements
  • Two channel 100MHz FFT analyzer
  • Transient measurements (frequency, Phase, Amplitude versus time)
  • Oscillator test bench (tuning, pushing, phase noise, current, power etc.)
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Frequency counter function / power meter


  • General purpose phase noise tests
  • Crystaloscillator and VCO testing
  • PLL synthesizer locking and characterization
  • Supply noise verification
  • Automated production testing


  • Very Low Noise Internal Synthesizer
  • Two Independent Internal Low Noise Supplies
  • GPIB interface


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