MetRad 1Combined Metal and Gamma Radiation Detector

The MetRad 1 offers inspectors a dual-function scanner with full metal and radiation detection functionality. The handheld device allows fast localization of both metal contraband and radioactive materials. The act of scanning baggage or personnel adds to the probability that the nuclear detector is placed in close proximity to any radiation sources, overcoming the Inverse Square Law and increasing the probability of alarming on heavily shielded nuclear material also. The MetRad 1 has a large CsI detector with SiPM to give excellent responsiveness and robust durability as scanners are often dropped or handled aggressively. The large CsI ensures the detection ability is compliant with the ANSI N42.32 standard on PRDs, eliminating the need for multiple devices. Users can expect faster deployment and less calibration cost, less repairs, less time charging and managing multiple devices and less cost in training on two instruments. The MetRad 1 can reduce the overall number of instruments agents, responders and public officials need to wear. Tying the nuclear detector into an existing technology ensures the operation is sensitive to radiation at all times, even though actual alarms may be infrequent.


  • Ultimate sensitivity
  • Self-calibrating to different backgrounds
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Sound and vibro- alarms


  • Airports and seaports
  • Custom and border protection
  • Events and building security
  • Critical infrastructure protection
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