GFT 1004 Digital Delay Generator

GFT1004 4-Channel 1pS Digital Delay Generator

The GFT1004 is a multi-channel digital delay generator that functions either as a standalone or as a component in a timing system. As a standalone instrument, it will produce multiple channels of delays which can be triggered by an external trigger or by selectable internal triggers. As a component of a timing system, the GFT1004 (with option 1) is operated in conjunction with a GFT3001 master transmitter. The 3001 is the master transmitter that controls a number of 1004’s to provide timing, triggering, gate, delay, and inhibit signals. A serial data stream over optical fiber provides clock synchronization, single shot triggering, repetitive triggering, and inhibit information to the various 1004’s at distances greater than 1 km from the GFT3001 master transmitter.

The GFT1004 rackmount Digital Delay Generator provides four/eight/ten independent delay channels from a single trigger input or internal clock. The delay resolution on all channels is a remarkable < 1ps and channel to channel jitter is less than 15ps rms. BNC outputs on the rear panel deliver up to 10V levels into 50 Ω. One Trigger Input channel (To, zero delay) is used to reference the four output channels in a variety of different operation modes.

The input connector, also on the rear panel, allows you to use an external trigger and still keep trigger jitter to a minimum. Electrical or Optical inputs are accommodated using a variety of operating modes. Delay parameters and operation modes may be programmed using the front panel interface or using remote programming over Ethernet.

Model 594


  • Four / eight / ten Independent Delay Channels
  • < 1 ps delay resolution
  • < 15 ps rms jitter
  • Maximum Delay of 10 Seconds
  • Rack 19", 1U,
  • Scaleable to 100's of Channels
  • Remote or Local Programming Options
  • Components Test
  • ATE Application
  • Laser Timing application
  • Precision Pulse Application
  • Synchronous Multi-channel
  • Triggering


Channels 4 independant
Range 0 to 10 seconds
Resolution 1ps
RMS Jitter < 10 ps + delay x 10-7
Accuracy < 150 ps + Delay x 10-7
Trigger Delay < 100 ns (insertion delay)
Time Base 0.5 ppm


Repetition Rate Up to 1 MHz
Trigger Level +1 V/ 50Ω
Slope positive
Connector BNC


Two Generators Frequency= 1Hz to 1 MHz in step of 1Hz


Amplitude 2.5 V to 10 V in step of 10 mV
Load 50Ω
Rise/Fall Time 1 ns / 3 ns
Width 100 ns to 10 ms in step of 6.43 ns
Connector BNC


Frequency 10 MHz (other frequency are available up to 80 MHz)


Inhibition Input Trigger level = 1V, repetition rate < 1KHz


Software Free drivers for seven
User Interface Front panel, Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s, Internet (Web page)
Power Consumption 90 To 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz/ 0.25 A
Weight < 5 kg
Size 19" W X 363 mm D X 1U H
Option 1 Extension to 8 channels
Option 2 Optical input for timing system mode
Option 3 Clock output
Option 4 32 V channel output (W=1µs, rise/ fall time = 2/10ns under 50Ω)
Option 5 Extension to 10 channels
Option 6 5 V to 20 V channel output (W=0.1 to 10 µs, rise/ fall time <5ns under 50Ω)
Option 7 TTL level (2.5 to 6 V) channel output (positive or negative pulse)
Option 8 Optical channel output

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