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Model RD-150 —

Vehicle-Mounted Radiation Detection System (VMRDS)

The Model RD-150 Vehicle Based Radiation Detection System offers users a quick integration of spectroscopic nuclear detection capability in existing response vehicles. Large volume, highly sensitive gamma and neutron detectors are integrated into shock-absorbent packaging for reliable mobile monitoring. The unified monitoring system is scalable with multiple detector point options in your existing vehicles. Results in simple form, backed by full spectroscopic reports and identification details, are available to the vehicle operator in real time.

The Model RD-150 VBRDS is uniquely flexible, allowing quick setup and transfer from different vehicles. The modular approach with independent detector packaging enables a plug-and-play simplicity to adapt vehicles to a particular application. Detector positioning enables optimized detection geometry for pinch points, freeway passing, lot scans, or other clandestine monitoring requirements. The detector modules are tied to a comprehensive user interface running locally or remotely. Scalability of systems with this size and sensitivity is a first in the mobile detection industry.

The most popular User Interface option for the Model RD-150 is PeakAbout, the Berkeley Nucleonics Smartphone Application which conveniently illustrates isotope and isotope class-specific, color coded peaks, and bar graphs. The app is free and included with all shipments of Berkeley Nucleonics’ Nuclear Detection and Isotope Identification products. The rich feature-set in PeakAbout includes GPS Tagging, photo/video report appending, pop-up isotope help and ‘Push-to-Reachback’ functionality. In addition to PeakAbout, users may elect to integrate alarms or push-functions to existing communications and reporting systems.

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