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Compact Digital Delay Generator - Channel to channel jitter is less than 25 ps rms

Berkeley Nucleonics' Model 745-OEM is a compact digital delay generator intended for use in embedded OEM applications. The module delay Generator provides four or eight independent delayed pulses. Delays up to 10 seconds can be programmed with 0.25ps resolution and channel to channel jitter is less than 25 ps rms. One T0 channel is used to time reference all output delayed pulses. MCX outputs deliver up to 5V, 2 ns under 50Ω. Pulse amplitude and width are adjustable on each output channel.

The device can be triggered several ways: Either with an external trigger via a MCX input or with 2 internal timers using software commands.

Model 745-OEM parameters can be remote controlled via Ethernet (10/100 Mb/s) or Internet (Web page from Internal Web server). This “web page” provides a simple method to configure the settings on each channel and to control operation.

Software, firmware, and drivers
Package icon DDG-MUC Multi-Unit Control Software4.03 MB

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