Signal Source Analyzer


Accurate and Compact Signal Source Analysis

If you need a device to measure magnitude and phase, a signal source analyzer might be just the piece of equipment you need. Utilizing the digital back end and analog front end, our analyzers come with a host of useful features to help you get accurate measurements and diagnostic readings.

Helpful Features

We carry multiple models so we can cater to your analysis needs. Common features for our products include:

  • Measurement range starting at -185 dBc/Hz
  • One-stop compact measuring
  • Dynamic GUI
  • Remote access using GPIB, LAN or USBTMC
  • One click measurements
  • Internal and external reference source capabilities
  • Readings additive and residual noise

SSA Applications

Our signal source analysis products can be used in a variety of situations. From the general purpose to the more specified analysis. For example, you can:

  • Perform tests for general purposes
  • Test crystalocillators and VCOs
  • Perform noise verification
  • Automated testing for production

When you need high performance characterization, an SSA model is ideal because of its compact size and accurate readings.

Customizable Options

One size does not fit all so our models afford you the ability to customize your device to your needs. Some of our SSAs have extra options like:

  • Two suppliers of internal and independent noise
  • GPIB Interface
  • Internal synthesizer for low noise

Measure Most Noise

The better signal source analyzers can measure multiple types of noise. Our products can give you quick and precise readings for:

  • Amplitude noise
  • Baseband noise
  • Additive phase noise
  • Single sideband residual noise

When you think about your next SSA, what kind of gigahertz capacity do you need? While our one click model can go up to 26.5 GHz, our other model can measure phase noise up to 7 GHz.

As you choose a device that is best for you, be sure it can deliver in all required areas. Remember, what is best for others might not be best for you. Feel free to contact Berkeley Nucleonics today for more information.