RF Spectrum Analyzer

The electro-acoustic’s industry moves and progresses rapidly, and accurate testing equipment, especially RF spectrum analyzers, are vital to quickly test the functions of new products or new methods. You need equipment that gives you absolute precision, consistent reliability, and is user-friendly for your staff. You need equipment from the Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC).


Our model RTSA7500 RF spectrum analyzer series is a powerful and cost effect solution for your spec analyzer needs. A real-time RF spectrum analyzer, the RTSA7500 is PC controlled and can be used in applications that need a frequency range from 100 kHz to 8, 18, or 27 GHz. With real-time FPGA triggering at a real-time bandwidth of up to 100 MHz, the RTSA7500 is the perfect tool for the detection of difficult to detect and intermittent signals. Our open source coding and software allows you to use a multitude of popular and commercially available programming languages, and the intuitive GUI interface makes operation simple for any staff member already familiar with a benchtop spec analyzer. Finally, the RTSA7500 is the ultimate in portability and versatility: it's able to use a wireless network and the internet to take measurements from anywhere in the world.

Model RTSA7500

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