RF Signal Source

Commonly and widely used in the testing of a wide variety of commercial and defense applications, RF signal source generators produce continuous or modulated wave tones that can be tuned anywhere within their frequency range to test and troubleshoot a variety of electronic or electroacoustic devices. A precise and trusted RF signal generator is a vital component in the testing phase to ensure your products are functioning as they should, and should be absolutely reliable to ensure accurate testing results.

BNC: Leader in Manufacturing Electronic Equipment

Berkeley Nucleonics is a proud industry leader in manufacturing and providing precision electronic equipment, and we are pleased to provide our partners worldwide with our wide array of RF signal source generator models. Our RF synthesizer modules range from ultra-compact, general purpose RF synthesizers designed for rugged portability, to low-noise, fast-switching analog RF signal source generators precision-tuned for complex, intricate testing. Our RF synthesizer models cover a wide array of frequency ranges, making it easy to select the ideal model for your specific needs. We've been a trusted manufacturer and tireless innovator since our founding in 1963, and pride ourselves on top-quality equipment backed by extensive and responsive customer and technical support. See how the Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation can help you today. For immediate technical discussion, call (800) 234-7858 or (415) 453-9955, or contact us online, and see why our experience, precision, and dedication to providing the best possible product makes us stand head and shoulders above the rest.