Radar Defense


With the development of electronic warfare, the face of modern military is changing. Government funds are increasingly being allotted to the development of tactical signals intelligence as the need for an advanced radar defense becomes apparent. The Navy has even developed an online “gaming” platform that allows government employees to compete by presenting ideas for security anonymously. As other countries refine their own weapons using the electromagnetic spectrum, the U.S. is developing defense systems as well.

Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum Monitoring is used to prevent enemies from breaching radio traffic signals, both nationally and internationally. Monitors are able to recognize any breaches in security and can allow authorities to determine sources before national security is jeopardized. This technology is currently in use to ensure that radio, traffic and police signals don’t interfere with each other.

Other Defenses

The advancement of tactical signals intelligence gives the military additional advantages when it comes to interpreting signals and determining their source. Using this form of radar defense, officials are able to better intercept and process threats and information wherever they are located.

Advancing Technology

As other countries continue to improve their technology, the U.S. military seeks support to better its own defenses. The Missile Defense Agency continues to fund companies in their development of advanced radar defense and electronic warfare to protect the United States and maintain its dominant position.