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NIM Modules

BNCs NIM Pulse Generators offer pulse shaping, pulse rate and pulse amplitude features rarely found elsewhere. Variable rise times to 3ns, variable fall times from 5ns to 1ms and tail or flat top pulse selectability are shaping features that are unique to our NIM modules. Precision pulse rates to 250kHz, random rates to 1 MHz and tail pulse rates to 50 MHz let you efficiently test frequency response and accumulate count rates quickly. Pulse amplitudes can be remotely programmed with 5ppm/C temperature stability and 1:105 amplitude resolution. Other features such as double pulse, wide delays, width control and sliding pulse combine the versatility of several instruments in one.

8010 - 100MHz Pulse Generator

BH-1 - Tail Pulse Generator

PB-5 - Precision Pulse Generator

DB-2 - Random Pulse Generator

BL-2 - Fast Tail Pulse Generator (Obsolete)

AP-3 - NIM Bench top Power Supply

TB-4-NIM 19" Rack Power Supply


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