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  • 588 1U Pulse Generator

    Model 588 — 1U Rack Mount 8 Channel DDG

    With the Model 588, we have packaged the precision pulse and digital delay timing designs in a convenient package for embedded and OEM applications. The new Model 588 1U DDG gives users 8 channels of precision timing in a package designed for remote applications and large system gating/syncronizing.

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    • 155 - 1064 nm Optical Module

      Model 106H — 155 - 1064 nm Optical Module

      Used in Conjunction with BNC Model 6040 Optical Pulse Generator Mainframe, the Model 155H is similar to the Model 106H except for the following: The pulse wavelength is now 1550nm.

      • Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 2Khz; external 0 to 2Khz
      • 4 Fix Pulse Width
      • Delay 0 ns to 640 s (plus fixed delay)
    • Model TB-4

      Model TB-4 — Module Power Supply

      Model TB-4 is a bin and power supply combination for plug-in modules. It can house twelve single-width modular instruments or a mixture of other sizes equivalent to twelve singles. Units that can be installed include BNC's modular digital delay generators, trigger pulse amplifiers, pulse generators, programming interfaces and the instruments of other companies that are designed to NIM... Read more

      • Supplies Six DC Voltages
      • Houses Up to Twelve Modules
      • Front Panel Test Points
    • 588-OEM Board Level Pulse Gen.

      Model 588-OEM — OEM Series Board Level Pulse Generator

      The 588-OEM series board products retain all functionality of the standard pulse generators in an easy to integrate package. These boards provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events. We offer optional computer... Read more

      • Model 130

        Model 130 — 1064 nm Optical Module

        Models 090 and 106C provide operating capabilities unavailable from other 904 and 1064 nanometer optical sources. Among them, repetition rates to 100 MHz and precision control of amplitude and time domain.

        Combined with the BNC Model 6040 Mainframe,these modules generate fast pulses, subnanosecond impulses and CW light while maintaining the excellent timing accuracy, low jitter and... Read more

        • Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz; external 0 to 100 MHz
        • Pulse Width 3 ns to 640 s
        • Impulse 400 ps typical (fixed)
      • 645 50MHz Arb Generator

        Model 645 — 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator

        The BNC Model 645 50MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator delivers many advanced features and user modes than our previous models, with a price that is designed to meet tough economic constraints. New DDS+ technology embraces advancements in the semiconductor industry and leverages state-of-the-art components for both standard and complex functions. The resulting design is a box for every... Read more

        • 50MHz sine, 10MHz Arbitrary Waveform
        • 14-bit, 125MSa/s, 256 K-point ARB
        • Pattern Generator (16 bits wide, 256K depth)
      • Model 725

        Model 725 — Multi-trigger digital delay generator

        Researchers and system integrators, needing controls and diagnostics for their experiments and systems, are regularly forced to build from scratch or to piece together several boxes. Many hours are spent learning the idiosyncrasies of each box and how to properly couple boxes to each other. Each box has its own programming protocol. Valuable time is lost to tracking connections, taming noisy... Read more

        • Model 201E

          Model 201E — 150ps Rise Time Module

          Fast Pulses with Delay and Width Control

          The Model 201E is a plug-in module for BNC Model 6040 Mainframe. It offers 150pS risetimes and very low jitter. The sharp edges of the 201E are ideal for testing components or triggering experiments. The pulse amplitude and width are adjustable via the front panel or remote programming.

          The 201E may be triggered with an... Read more

          • 150ps Rise and Fall Times
          • Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz; external 0 to 100 MHz
          • Pulse Width 3 ns to 640 s
        • Model 745T

          Model 745T — Femtosecond Digital Delays with 5 Picosecond Jitter

          The Model 745T Digital Delay Generator (DDG) offers the world's leading performance in a benchtop timing instrument. 25 years ago, our Model 7095 Digital Delay Generator dramatically advanced research with jitter below 25 ps. Now, with all the features of a modern DDG, the Model 745T gives users incredible performance at a fraction of the cost. The Model 745T offers... Read more

          • Internal Trigger, Delays < 100ns: 2 picoseconds
          • Internal Trigger, Delays > 100ns: 15 picoseconds + timebase
          • External Trigger, Delays < 100ns: 25 picoseconds
        • Model 507

          Model 507 — High Current Pulse Generator

          The Model 507 High Current Pulse Generator is an ideal fire set for airbag squib, detonator and pyrotechnics initiator testing.

          The instrument provides adjustable current signals up to 25 amps. The unit comes with 2 or 4 digitally controlled load resistant independent outputs.

          Output pulse widths and delays are unique to each channel and can be precisely controlled from 0.1 to... Read more