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Model 835-M - 3 GHz RF Signal Generator

•   RM:19" Rackmount Kit

•   B3:Internal battery module & electronics

•   PE:Power range extension to -100 dBm

•   PE3:Power range extension to -120 dBm

•   WE3:Warranty extension to 3 years

•   WE5:Warranty extension to 5 years




Frequency range

9 kHz -- 3000 MHz


0.1 Hz

Settling time

5 ms

SSB Phase noise < at 20 kHz from carrier

-102 dBc/Hz

1 GHz carrier

wideband noise

-150 dBc/Hz

Power level


-65 to +10 dBm


0.1 dB

Level uncertainty

< 1 dB

Output impedance


50 Ohms

< 1.8

Spectral purity

output harmonics

non-harmonic spurious

< -30 dBc

< -50 dBc

at +7 dBm, f> 1 MHz

Amplitude Modulation


0.1 Hz 20 kHz

Sine, pulse, triangle


0 to 90 %


2 % at 30 %

3 % at 80 %

fmod = 1 kHz

Pulse Modulation


DC 10 MHz

On/OFF Ratio

70 dB

Pulse width

> 100 ns

Rise/Fall times

< 10 ns

Internal reference frequency

100 MHz

Temperature stability

5 ppm

0 to 50 C

Ultra-Compact, General-Purpose RF Signal Generator

Full Product Line Card (pdf) |Press Release (pdf)

The Model 835-M is a versatile, ultra-compact general-purpose radio frequency signal generator covering a frequency range from 9kHz to 3.0GHz with 0.1 Hz frequency resolution, very good signal quality, and powerful trigger features. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications where good signal quality, fast switching, and an accurate and wide output power range is required. The Model 835-M offers a power range from -65 dBm to +10 dBm and includes built in sweeping modes and modulation capabilities ideally suited for EMC measurements.

The Model 835-M offers various control interfaces like USB, LAN, or GPIB (optional). Each interface allows easy and fast communication using the SCPI 1999 command set. Remote control of the instrument can be quickly attained from any host system. A free application programming interface (API) or programming examples for Matlab, Labview, C++, and other commercially available tools make implementation very straightforward.


  • Very compact and rugged enclosure
  • 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz rate AM and fast pulse modulator
  • LAN + USB + GPIB (optional) with SCPI instruction set
  • PC-based virtual panel software utilities and drivers
  • Powerful trigger and sweep modes


  • EMC/EMI applications
  • General purpose RF source
  • OEM

Amplitude Modulation (80%, 1 kHz)

Second (green) and third (brown) harmonics at +10 dBm output power