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Pulse & Delay Generators

Pulse & Delay Generators

  • Model 507

    Model 507 —

    High Current Pulse Generator

    The Model 507 High Current Pulse Generator is an ideal fire set for airbag squib, detonator, and pyrotechnics initiator testing.

    The instrument provides adjustable current signals up to 25 amps. The unit comes with 2 or 4 digitally controlled load resistant independent outputs.

    Output pulse widths and delays are unique to each channel and can be precisely controlled from 0.1 to 100... Read more

  • Model 508

    Model 508 —

    Current Pulse Generator

    Our most capable current generator provides users with the ability to generate highly precise current pulses, making this unit ideal for applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. Advanced safety features provide user assurance.

    The Model 508 is designed for airbag and pyrotechnic initiator testing and represents the latest in current pulse generating... Read more

    • 200 ns Timing Steps
    • 6 amps per Channel
    • 2 or 4 Channel Outputs