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Model 1105 - Universal Counter

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A new counter, Model 1105, from Berkeley Nucleonics compares favorably to existing counters. The 1105 has 12 digits of frequency resolution and 40 ps of time interval resolution. The real-time DSP front-end facilitates faster measurement throughput. Compare our specifications and price to the Agilent 53132A or the Fluke PM6685.

We have made the front panel controls more user-friendly. The SCPI software commands are compatible with the most commonly-used counters so you do not have to rewrite your software. Our LAN control feature lets you control one or several 1105's from your computer with displays of the control or measurement function you want.

Impressive 12 Digits Resolution & 6 GHz Frequency Measurements

The Model 1105 includes a RF Channel 3 with a range from 375 MHz to 6GHz and standard Channels 1 & 2 from 1 mHz to 400 MHz. Up to 20 frequently-used setups may be stored in memory. Our design features full front-end isolation.


•   NEW High Stability Oven Option (HS) allows 1,000X's stability

•   NEW High Frequency Option (HF) allows up to 20 GHz input on channel 3

•  Time Interval, Frequency, Frequency Ratio, Pulse Width, Duty Cycle measurements

•  Rise / Fall Time, Period, Phase, Event Counts, Voltage Peaks measurements

•  Mean, Min/Max, Delta, Standard Deviation measurements

•  Real-Time DSP for faster measurements

•  Easy LAN Control using Ethernet IP with comprehensive GUI

•  Free Software using widely accepted SCPI commands

•  Scale and Offset available for Math Functions

•  400MHz on Ch 1/2, 6.0GHz on Ch. 3 (included)

•  Allan Variance Measurements


•  Frequency Measurements

•  Math Functions to Compensate for Systematic Error

•  Pass/Fail Mode with Limit Testing

•  Production Testing

•  Ave, Min/Max and Standard Dev Test

•  Easy Control of Multiple Units with LAN

•  Production Testing

Key Specifications

•  Ch3 — up to 6GHz, standard

•  Frequency —1mHz - 400MHz

•  Time Interval Resolution —40pS

•  Duty Cycle —Pulse Width >1nS

•  Frequency Ratio —11 Digits / Second

•  DC Signals —15mV +2% of V

•  Temperature Stability — <1ppm

•  Compliance—IEEE488.2 and USBTMC

Packed with Many New Features

The BNC Model 1105, ISO 9001 compliant, gives users of existing counters all the measurement capability they are used to, with a few exciting new twists. Our new counter provides great features including Frequency & Ratio (11 digits/sec.), Time interval, Period (2.5 ns to 1000s), Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, Rise/Fall Time, Peak Volts (100 Hz~300 MHz), Phase, Totalize, with a time base temperature stability of < 1 PPM and aging rate of < 2 PPM per year and timebase in/out channels. (figure 2) One can measure the peak voltage of incoming waveforms as well.

The BNC Model 1105 offers built-in statistics and math functions. Users can measure and display mean, min/max, delta & standard deviation (Figure-4). These apply to period, frequency, time interval, risetime and peak voltage measurements. Scale & offset can be easily used in compensating for systematic occurrences.

All functions are controlled by either the front panel or via remote control. USB control is standard; GPIB is optional. Data logging to a spreadsheet is easily accomplished with free software. Of interest is the Ethernet connectivity via your LAN, using your IP address. You can control and display the parameters of several 1105's from your local computer.

Fast Measurement & Special Applications

Besides the real-time DSP (digital signal processing) technology, which speeds the measurement process, a Limit Mode allows users to set margins according to their specific measurements. Go-NoGo commands can be issued via the USB You may control what happens when a limit is exceeded eg. store current data, stop measuring and generate an output signal to trigger an external device.

Handy Software & Familiar SCPI Commands

Users can obtain data logs (see Figure9) in Excel via USB or via an optional GPIB interface. Our web-support mode allows the 1105 to be connected to your office LAN (see Figure 10). Users simply call up an Ethernet address (Default: on a local web browser. In addition, we have SCPI commands that are compatible with the Agilent 53132A.

Labview Support

Labview Driver for the Model 1105 Universal Frequency Counter and Time Interval Counter. The Model 1105 is a full featured measurement tool for test benches ranging from simply hobbiests to the most demanding, double-digit picosecond measurements. The Universal Counter also handles measurements of frequency, frequency ratios, pulse widths, duty cycle, rise and fall times, phase, event counts, voltage peaks and mean (min/max) with standard deviations.