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Light Pulse Generators

Light Pulse Generators

  • Model 106C

    Model 106C - 1064 nm Optical Module

    Models 090 and 106C provide operating capabilities unavailable from other 904 and 1064 nanometer optical sources. Among them, repetition rates to 100 MHz and precision control of amplitude and time domain.

    Combined with the BNC Model 6040 Mainframe, these modules generate fast pulses, subnanosecond impulses, and CW light while maintaining the excellent timing accuracy, low jitter, and... Read more

    • 155 - 1064 nm Optical Module

      Model 106H - 1064 nm High Power Optical Module

      Used in Conjunction with BNC Model 6040 Optical Pulse Generator Mainframe, the Model 106H 1064nm Light Pulser offers precise optical pulses (wavelengths are user selectable from 1050-1080nm) with levels to 200mW.

      • Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 2Khz; external 0 to 2Khz
      • 4 Fix Pulse Width
      • Delay 0 ns to 640 s (plus fixed delay)