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A Benchtop Instrument for Electro-Optical Light Pulsing Applications

    Applications for the Model 6040 with Optical Plug-ins:
  • Laser guided munitions
  • Laser rangefinder
  • FLIR weapon systems
  • Detector characterization
  • Simulation of multiple targets
  • Position, velocity, acceleration
  • Laser seeker
The Model 6040 Light Pulse Generator is the optical equivalent of an electronic pulse generator. One can adjust pulse rate,
delay, width and light level. One can also externally trigger light pulses as well as modulate and gate the light.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) offers the industry leading light pulse generators, admired for reliability and stability in benchtop electro optical testing. Laser targeting and acquisition programs such as Abrams, Bradley, Paveway, LANTIRN, ATFLIR, Sniper, Q2, TADS, Hellfire, MILES and others use the Model 6040 at the production, depot, and engineering levels to simulate return signals, align optics, test receiver sensitivity, saturation, and recovery.

BNCís Model 6040, consisting of a mainframe with an optical module, is the optical equivalent of an electronic pulse generator. A variety of optical modules are available for use in mainframe bench top instrument or rack mount configurations. The 6040ís external trigger feature allows an external device to generate PIM and PRF intervals in resolutions as high as 1 part in 109.

Light pulses can be modulated, gated and triggered and are subject to adjustments of pulse rate, delay, width and light level. The properties of the light can be changed via the front panel pushbuttons and digital display or via remote programming, RS232 and GPIB. An electrical output provides a trigger pulse at zero delay, Trig Out; and there are electrical pulses that provide a positive, Pulse Out, and negative, ECL Out, signal coincident with the Light Out.

Typical wavelengths center around 1064nm and 1550nm and are single-mode and well-defined spatially. Other wavelengths including 650nm, 850nm and 904nm are available, as well as custom requirements.

BNCís Model 6040 light source simulates range by precisely controlling the time between the launched light and the lower level return signal set via the 6040ís delay control. Light is sent via an optical fiber which can be routed and then mounted to and within a test system. Light within a fiber can also be collimated and then focused for position-sensitive tests.


For PIM and PRF requirements, our Model 565 provides control of the spacing between pulses and the duration of pulses and can be used as an external trigger source for the 6040. The 565 allows delay and width of any or all channels to be combined onto a single channel which then drives the 6040 optical module. Multiple targets with a variety of ranges and widths are easily simulated using an external drive capability where the complex pulse train from the 565 turns the light source on and off.

Double pulses are pulse pairs whose separation is adjustable. Receiver saturation effects and recovery times can be tested with double pulses, a standard feature with most of BNCís low-level light sources.


Mainframe timing Rep rate 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz with 4 digit resolution
Delay 0 - 640 S with 1 ns resolution or 5 digits
Width 3 ns - 640 S with 1 ns resolution or 5 digits
Mainframe electrical output Trig Out Occurs at zero delay
Pulse Out, ECL Out Occurs in coincidence with the optical pulse
Mainframe inputs Ext Trig Threshold and slope adjust
Optical module inputs Ext Dr Gates light on and off
Ext Mod Allows modulation of light with analog or digital signals
Optical module output Light Out Timing follows mainframe settings or Ext Dr; level is adjustable by front panel; single-mode fiber; modules are interchangeable
Standard Wavelengths 650, 850, 904, 1064, 1300, 1540-1570 nm
Memory Complete settings may be stored for later recall
Programmability RS232 and GPIB

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