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  • FTD10000 7 GHz Transient Digitizer

    Greenfield Technology's FTD10000 Ultrafast 7 GHz Fast Transient Digitizer is the industry's fastest digitizer specifically designed to record very fast single shot pulses down to 50ps with 13-bit amplitude resolution. The FTD10000 is the ideal instrument for recording impulse phenomena in laser research, high-energy physics, EMC/EMP simulators and high-voltage breakdowns, as well as testing... Read more

    • Features slow roll off & 7 GHz bandwidth
    • Impulse Response: 50 picoseconds
    • High Max Input: 2000 volts without overload
  • GFT9404 —

    PXI Labview 8-Channel Digital Delay Generator

    The GFT9404 module provides precision digital delay generation on the PXI platform. It offers four independent precision delay channels capable of 1 ps delay resolution and four auxiliary delay channels with a 5 ns delay resolution. Each delay output is configurable in terms of amplitude and width definition. The GFT9404 features driver support for Windows OS as well as an NI-VISA-based... Read more

  • 594 1ps Pulse Generator

    GFT1004 —

    4-Ch, 1pS Digital Delay Generator

    The GFT1004 is a multi-channel digital delay generator that functions either as a standalone or as a component in a timing system. As a standalone instrument, it will produce multiple channels of delays which can be triggered by an external trigger or by selectable internal triggers. As a component of a timing system, the GFT1004 (with option 1) is operated in conjunction with a GFT3001 master... Read more

    • Four / eight / ten Independent Delay Channels
    • < 1 ps delay resolution
    • < 15 ps rms jitter