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Berkeley Nucleonics will release the Model 745-20C-T Digital Delay Generator in time for FY13 budget constraints. The 20 Channel Pulse/Digital Delay Generator represents the most exciting advancement in timing solutions since the company entered the femtosecond timing domain in 2011 with the Model 745-GOC.

(PRWeb July 22, 2013)

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Berkeley Nucleonics commercially released a critical feature and specification enhancement for the Model 845 Microwave / RF Signal Source family of instruments. These new performance attributes for the 6Ghz and 20GHz in benchtop, rackmount, or compact modules include substantially enhanced phase coherence, Chirp Modulation, Pulse Train Generator, and Trigger Capabilities.

(PRWeb March 13, 2013)

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Berkeley Nucleonics is offering free workshop covering techniques for RF/Microwave signal generation and measurements is available to the technical community during the 2013 American Physics Society annual meeting. A total of 120 spots are available on a first come first serve basis.

(PRWeb February 11, 2013)

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC Corp, San Rafael CA), an equipment manufacturer in Northern California, has released a new family of Board-Level DDGs and Pulsers for OEM applications in timing, gating, synchronizing and delaying experiments. The new family includes cPCI, VXI or custom PCBs to meet demanding OEM space, power or cost constraints.

(PRWeb January 30, 2013)

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC), a leading equipment manufacturer in California, released the Model 970 Portable MCA at the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium on October 31, 2012. The Model 970 pMCA is a versatile instrument with capabilities that surpass the industry in benctop nuclear spectroscopy.

(PRWeb January 29, 2013)

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Berkeley Nucleonics announces the Model 835-M 3GHz RF / Microwave Signal Generator. The modular packaging offers users an extremely versatile Microwave and RF signal source, loaded with features and specifications at the top of its class.

(PRWeb December 17, 2012)

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Berkeley Nucleonics, an authority in the nuclear science community, is offering an educational introduction to Nuclear Scintillation Detectors in an online training module. Scintillation detectors are woven into the fabric of many nuclear applications. From medicine to industrial process controls to power, the nuclear community is increasingly addressing world concerns.

(PRWeb December 07, 2012)

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Berkeley Nucleonics commercially releases a full line of high performance, robust, and extremely cost effective Microwave/RF signal generators. This Microwave/RF product line sets a new standard in performance to cost. Capable of producing in excess of 20GHz, with very low phase noise, fast switching speeds, extensive modulation capabilities in a variety of packaging options, including benchtop, portable battery operation, 1U 19” rackmount, and card-level for OEM integration. These instruments offer the widest array of options to meet almost any application requirement.

(PRWeb October 15, 2012)

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The Model 971 Food-SSAFE Kit (Spectrum/Sample Analysis and Food Examination Kit) from Berkeley Nucleonics offers non-technical equipment users an easy method for measuring radiation levels found in fish and meat products, liquids and soil samples. The nuclear radiation found in food is measured and reported by a software algorithm coupled with a sensitive NaI (sodium iodide) detector. Food products (beef and poultry, fish, vegetables, water samples or grains) are placed in a Marinelli beaker then insulated with a lead shield.

(PRWeb May 31, 2012)

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BNC Scientific, the exclusive North American partner for Zurich Instruments is proud to carry the fastest commercial lock-in amplifier (LIA) ever commercially produced. Zurich Instruments, the technology leader for lock-in amplifiers, has developed the UHFLI (Ultra-High Frequency Lock-in Amplifier), establishing a precedent in LIA’s. The UHFLI performs measurements as high as 600 MHz three times faster than any other current lock-in amplifiers.

(PRWeb February 24, 2012)

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