• 598 1ps cPCI Pulse Generator

The Model 598 cPCI Digital Delay Generator offers eight independent delay channels per module. The delay resolution on all channels is < 1 ps and channel to channel jitter is less than 15 ps.

LEMO outputs deliver 2.5 to 10 V level into 50 Ohm. There is an input connector also, offering external triggering (To, zero delay). The external trigger, or an internal clock, may be used to set delays of each output. The modular architecture is well suited for integrated applications or applications requiring many channels of precise timing. We offer a range of operational modes that enable users to customize the units.

Electrical or optical inputs are accommodated.

Model 598


  • Eight Independent Delay Channel
  • 1 pS Resolution
  • 15 pS rms Jitter
  • 1 Second Maximum Delay Range
  • cPCI 6U, 1 slot, Scalable
  • Component Testing / R&D
  • ATE Applications
  • Laser Timing and Syncing
  • Precision Pulse Triggering
  • Gating Imaging Systems
  • Triggering Sensors / Switches


Channels One fixed position marker (T0) and 8 independent delay
Range 0 to 10 s
Resolution 1 ps
RMS Jitter (T0 to any output) 15 ps rms
RMS Jitter ( External Trigger to any output) 500 ps + 10-7x delay
Trigger Delay < 100 ns (insertion delay)
Accuracy < 250 ps + delay x 10-7
Timebase 10 MHz internal clock
Repetition Base < 50 kHz
External Trigger Level 1V, slope positive, impedance 50Ω
Internal Trigger 0.05 Hz to 50 kHz, resolution : 1 Hz
Level 2.5 to 10 V, resolution: 1 mV
Width 200 ns to 1 µs
Load 50Ω
Rise time, fall time < 2 ns, < 5 ns
Connector LEMO
Size CPCI, 1 slot


Option 1
Optical triggered


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