New from Berkeley Nucleonics, the Model 1150 UF Transient Recorder / Digitizer allows data acquisition with full signal digitizing at very fast speeds. The Model 1150 records single shot pulses at widths down to 50 picoseconds with 13-Bit amplitude resolution. Additional useful features to the digitizer are an input for timing fiducials and a large front panel display for review. The Ethernet interface allows both local and remote control all features, from setup and digitizing to review of results. As such it conveniently fits both laboratory and automatic test applications.


  • 50 ps Rise Time Response
  • 1 ps Time resolution
  • 13-bit Amplitude Resolution
  • Controlled via Ethernet
  • Front Panel Display
  • 7 GHz Bandwidth
  • Measure Impulse Phenomena in Laser Research
  • High-Energy Physics Studies
  • EMC/EMP Simulation and R&D
  • High-Voltage Breakdown Testing
  • Testing High-Speed Circuits
Unique Features:
  • 7 GHz Bandwidth with Slow Roll Off
  • 50 pS Impulse Response
  • High Max Input ( 2000 Volts without Overload)
  • Ultra-Stable Trigger
  • Optional Fiducial Input ( 1 Picosecond Timing Accuracy)
  • Portable or Rack Mount


Signal Input
Sensitivity 5V
Bandwitdh DC to 7 GHz (4 dB)
Rise Time 50 ps
Input Impedance 50Ω
Vertical Position + 50% to -50%
Maximum Input 200 V (1 Hs)
Source External
Input Impedance 50Ω
Signal Polarity Positive or Negative
Signal Duration >0.5 ns
Level 0.5 to 5 V
Maximum Input 500 V (1 Hs)
Jitter 5 ps RMS
Internal Delay 40 to 540 ns
Analysis Duration 1 to 2000 ns
Horizontal Resolution 10 Bits
Veritcal Resolution 13 Bits
Non Volatile Memory 1 Record & Settings
Aquisition Modes Single Shot
Electrical Zero
Commands and Settings Via Ethernet
Data Transfer Via Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Leds For viewing instrument status
Inputs/ Outputs

All connectors are located at the rear of the equipment

Signal Input and Output N Connectors
Trigger Input BNC Connector
Timing Output BNC Connector
Ethernet Port RJ-45
Temperature 0 to 40°C
Humidity 85% non condensed at 40°
EMC EN 55022/B
Power Supply
Voltage 115 to 220 V
Power 120 W
Physical Dimension
Width 19 inch
Height 173 mm
Depth 560 mm/ 670 mm with handle
Weight 20 Kg


Front Pannel Display The optional front panel uses a 8"2 LCD display, a keyboard and a parameter entry knob for local waveform viewing and instrument conrol
Fiducial Input This option provides a marker synchronus of recorded signal (SMA connector)
Equalizer Extends bandwitdh up to 11 GHz


The model 1150 uses a scan conversion principle. The digitizer records the signal in fast analog memory (screen of a CRT). Then it reads it more slowly (CCD) in order to digitize it and store it in a video memory. The signal is extracted from the video memory through image processing and defect correction.

The acquired waveform can be read via the LAN interface and exported to standard signal analysis tools.


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