The Model 1144 is the ideal digitizer for characterizing high speed signal. This compact digitizer can record two analog inputs at speeds of 1.8 Giga Samples by second (or 3.6 GS/s on only one analog input) with 12 bits resolution.

The digitizer is supplied with windows software application which includes a front panel graphical interface. This software application can be used to control and explore the capabilities of the high speed digitizer.

The Model 1144 is a low profile 19", 1U rack instrument with USB interface. In option a built in Web server provides a remote control via a standard Web Browser.


Features / Applications


  • 3.6 GS/s maximum sampling rate
  • 12 bits vertical resolution
  • Up to 2.8 GHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 2 channels in only 1U space
  • Controlled via USB


  • Diagnostics on Laser system and High-Energy physics
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Test on high speed circuits
  • Automatic Test Equipment


PDF icon Model 1144 Datasheet311.38 KB

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