Microwave Signal Source

Microwave signal source generators are used in a variety of technical industries and applications, from satellite communications to radar defense. The powerful modulation, fast switching, and low phase noise of BNC microwave synthesizers, coupled with their low power consumption and consistently strong, stable signal quality, gives them impressive versatility and portability, making them perfect tools for field or bench testing. The frequency ranges and package options of BNC microwave signal source generators offer the utmost usability in diverse applications; this is further enhanced by their multiple supported control interfaces and programming templates of popular, commercially available programming languages. BNC Microwave synthesizers are a top choice in any application that needs exceptionally reliable, high-quality signal stability, and maximum RF signal output power while still allowing for fast-switching and the emission of low phase noise to minimize interference.

Trusted Provider of Top-Quality Precision

The Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a trusted provider of top-quality precision electronic instrumentation and is an industry leader in microwave synthesizer module manufacturing. Our versatile array of affordable microwave signal source generators offers outstanding features, such as 10 µs frequency switching times, compact and resilient enclosures, and a wide and comprehensive frequency range across all of our models (845, 835-4, 835-6, 835-M, 845-M). Our signal generators are reliable, thoroughly tested, and calibrated: fine-tuned to provide you precision control and accurate readings. We take our relationship with our clients seriously - our customer and technical support teams are always on call to provide you with immediate assistance or to answer any questions. Contact us online or call us at (800) 234-7858 or (415) 453-9955 for immediate technical discussion. Your company deserves equipment that works as hard as you do – trust Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation equipment to work for you.