The BNC MetRad1 offers inspectors a dual-function scanner with complete metal and radiation detection functionality. The handheld device allows fast localization of both metal contraband and radioactive materials. Among the many benefits provided by the MetRad 1, accuracy is the most important one.  By using the MetRad1 to closely scan items and individuals, security personnel will increase the probability of pinpointing illegal radiation sources. This not only minimizes limits imposed by the Inverse Square Law, it maximizes the positive alarm rate on heavily shielded nuclear material.


The BNC MetRad1 employs a large CsI detector with SiPM for excellent responsiveness and robust durability if handled roughly or even if dropped. The detecting ability of the large CsI scintillator eliminates the need for carrying additional personal radiation detectors because the MetRad1 is compliant with ANSI N42.32-2016 standard for PRDs. Users can expect faster deployment, fewer repairs, and convenient management for multiple devices, as well as lower calibration, charging, and training costs.

The BNC MetRad1 can reduce the overall number of instruments that agents, responders, and public officials need to wear. Melding the radiation detector into an existing security technology ensures continuous radioactive awareness for those rare occasions when an actual alarm may occur.





• Ultimate sensitivity

• Self-calibrating to different backgrounds

• Rugged and lightweight

• Sound and vibration alarms


• Airports and seaports

• Custom and border protection

• Events and building security

• Critical infrastructure protection


Three-Color LED indication
Green LED = No
Blue LED = AGMMA Alarm
Red LED = Metal Alarm 
Gamma energy range15 Kev to 3MeV
Detectorgamma 3 cc CsI(Tl) with SiPM
Minimal metal detection
distance in the air
Knife: 510 ±(10) mm
Pistol: 200 (±10) mm
Magnetic plate 010x100 m: 200 (±10)
Led container: 200 (±10)
Operating Temperatures

-20 oC ot 5+0 oC

Humidity Up to 59% at 03 oC

Pressure 84 PKa to 016,7 PKa
Size420 x58 x54 m
Weight400 g
Batteryone 9V (included)
Battery lifetime500 hours


PDF icon MetRad 1 Datasheet2.38 MB
Manuals and support documents
PDF icon METRAD1 User Manual1.18 MB

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