Isotope Identifier


Isotope Identifier

BNC’s Radiation Isotope Identification Devices (RIID) are state of the art radiation detectors with the ability to analyze energy spectrum of radiation and identify in real-time the specific radioactive material. We offer a wide array of isotope identifiers with different types of detectors and sizes.

Sodium Iodide (γ): For standard isotope identification, good efficiency and optimum price/performance, the Sodium Iodide option (NaI) gives users fast and accurate identification at an excellent value. The NaI detector utilizes advanced algorithms to discriminate peaks and identify sources in real time. Cerium Bromide (γ): For the gamma spectroscopy specialist, the CeBr detector is available for all SAM isotope identifiers. This new material offers the end users a typical resolution of 3.8% at 662 KeV and ensures the spectroscopic reports have unparalleled analytical capability. Domino (n): For Sensitive Nuclear Material detection or safeguarding of WGPu, the Domino detector allows users to detect neutrons and perform a variety of coincidence checks, comparing peak analysis with the presence of neutron radiation.

For over 20 years, the SAM series of RIIDS have assisted first responders, police officers, and military in preventing the proliferation of dangerous nuclear materials From the beginning, it was our mission to develop the most intuitive isotope identifier on the market while still incorporating world renowned algorithms that would assist in locating and identifying gamma and neutron radiation sources within food, liquids or individuals. In response to the Japanese nuclear power plant disaster, Berkeley Nucleonics delivered 100's of isotope identifiers to US and Japanese nationals who are working in and around the contaminated facility. We donated numerous Isotope Identification Devices and continue to provide around-the-clock support for end users and regional service and training centres.

The SAM Isotope Identifiers are available from stock and are priced between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on detector and software options. The SAM family of instruments is compliant with ANSI N42 standards for RIIDs and qualifies for CST, UASI, or MMRS funding requests. Berkeley Nucleonics offers consulting services with Certified Health Physicists and personnel with multiple clearances as required.

Isotope analysis has applications in a variety of industries including archaeology, forensics, geology and more. Sometimes, you have the luxury of using bulky equipment in a temperature controlled setting. However, what about when you need to get out into the field or want to take discreet measurements? Our isotope identifier is backpack ready, so as long as you remember to charge it, you can take it almost anywhere.

Our Isotope Identifiers fit into a wide variety of applications and Industry including:

  • Industrial
  • Radiation safety
  • Medical
  • Law enforcement
  • First Responders