Model 1144

The Model 1144 is the ideal digitizer for characterizing high speed signal. This compact digitizer can record two analog inputs at speeds of 1.8 Giga Samples by second (or 3.6 GS/s on only one analog input) with 12 bits resolution.

The digitizer is supplied with windows software application which includes a front panel graphical interface. This software application can be used to control and explore the capabilities of the high speed digitizer.

Model 1150

New from Berkeley Nucleonics, the Model 1150 UF Transient Recorder / Digitizer allows data acquisition with full signal digitizing at very fast speeds. The Model 1150 records single shot pulses at widths down to 50 picoseconds with 13-Bit amplitude resolution. Additional useful features to the digitizer are an input for timing fiducials and a large front panel display for review. The Ethernet interface allows both local and remote control all features, from setup and digitizing to review of results. As such it conveniently fits both laboratory and automatic test applications.