Custom Scintillation Detectors

4"x4"x16" Scintillation Detectors

The detector contains a complete set of electronics. The detector has an internal High Voltage supply based on the Cockroft Walton principle. This ensures stable gain also at high count rates and low power consumption.

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CeBr3 - Cerium Bromide

CeBr3 scintillation crystals offer an alternative to NaI(Tl) crystals for high resolution gamma spectrometry. Above an energy of 200 keV, the resolution is superior to NaI(Tl). CeBr3 scintillation detectors do not suffer from the intrinsic La-138 background typical for Lahalide scintillators.

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Compton Suppression

In gamma ray spectrometry performed with High-purity Germanium detectors (HPGe), the detection of low intensity gamma ray lines is complicated by the presence of Compton scattered gamma rays of higher energy. At energies above a few hundred keV, the main interaction in the relatively low Z High-purity Germanium (HPGe) crystal is via Compton interaction. The Compton scattered gamma rays give rise to a continuous background in the gamma-ray spectrum which consequently raises the detection limit for lines at low energies.

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