The detector contains a complete set of electronics. The detector has an internal High Voltage supply based on the Cockroft Walton principle. This ensures stable gain also at high count rates and low power consumption.

The signals from the photomultiplier tube are processed with a hybrid low power spectroscopic amplifier system; the output pulses can be directly fed into the MCA. The low power consumption makes the scintillation probe ideally suited for use with portable, battery operated multichannel analyzer systems. A built-in SCA with LLD and ULD adjustable provides TTL output pulses, 1.5 ?s wide, 5V High. This TTL signal can be driven over 15 m cable length.

High Voltage, upper and lower level discriminators can be set with 20-turns gain potentiometers with test points present at the back of the assembly whereas the test voltages equal the real analog voltages of the signal.


Unique features
  • Built-in Ultra stable Cockroft Walton High Voltage Generator
  • Built-in Preamplifier, spectroscopic amplifier and SCA
  • Low power consumption (250 mW)
  • Common Applications


Type number V102A406/ 3.5M-HV-E3-X2
Photomultiplier 3.5" diameter demountable PMT with solid µ-metal shield
High Voltage Generator Cockroft Walton Type
High Voltage Polarity Negative
High Voltage regulation 0-1500 V (20 turn screw potentiometer at back of assembly)
HV test point 1V = 1kV (red)
Test point +5V or +12 (stabilized)
Present at back of assembly
(1 V = 1 kV)
LLD test=blue
ULD test=yellow
LLD/ULD adjust Two 20-turns
Potentiometers (0-100%) with test points
Power Requirements 250 mW
Electrical connections 2-core shielded cable for power supply and signal(3m)
Special connectors available on request
Temperature range -30° to +60°C
Housing 1.0mm aluminum or stainless steel
Spectroscopy amplifier VALUE
Output impedance 50Ω
Shaping time 0.56µs
Pulse shape Bipolar
1 µs rise time
1 µs fall time
Maximum output 8.5 V
Energy resolutions <8% FWHM at 662 keV
HV generator noise <2 keV


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